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Album cover for the KYSHERA album 'Made in China'



Which came first, the Puppet or the string?
Who built the stage & now is watching?
Why is force the ultimate authority?
Who’s interest does silence feed?

When there’s not a space left on this planet
That has escaped adulteration.

Poverty’s a commodity
That subsidises the inequality
That breeds & feeds all hegemony and
Keeps society too divided to be a threat.

We live in a gangsters’ democracy
‘To Serve & Protect’ its nobility
Emperor put some clothes on.

Will it always be the same way
From our desperate race to maintain our cage
To the sweat shops, depletion & war
The damage this virus has caused is everywhere.

But those fanatical, imperial terrorists in Washington,
Are Bastions of everything evil by Dollar and Gun.
Do you think that if Jesus were alive, he’d shoot?

Wants before needs and shares before votes
Politics before justice, bombs before talks,
Pillage before trade, arms sales before peace
Deceit before truth & fear before reason.

Which ends first, blood or oil?
How can vice & virtue look identical?
In which direction does society rot?
Why does scum always rise to the top?

They can fuck with your genes and disease
What we swallow & breathe what we think & believe.
We’ve got everything that money can buy
But nothing that’s worth the price we’re paying.

Rule by a cartel of military & business & law,
A system that calls this democracy is a fraud.
Do you think that if Jesus were alive, the CIA would shoot.

Let’s start a fire in the belly of the cannibals.

There is nothing beyond expendability
Not nature, the future or society
Emperor put some clothes on.

When the well’s dry and somebody pulls the trigger,
You can guarantee that the culprits will be safe

In the non-conformist exclusive love boat
Neon chameleons march to their drones tonight
Every day they’re watched at play
Gaming and faming themselves in their pig pen of choice

You’re so unique, with your scenes of the week
And your wars by your enemies terms

Impotent, lifestyles sent to pacify
In your parrot’s ark, sex drugs and rock and roll

Second hand fist in the air
Or wave them around like you just dont care
Fighting the power by feeding its guards
Token rebellion points for their store cards.

You try to bleed but your own ID
Cuts as deep as the razor blade barcode on your arm

Defined only by what you oppose

Camouflage for your white washed uniforms
Lets play pretend, sex drugs and rock and roll

Bottom line feeds your ego needs just fine
But it’s closing time for sex drugs and rock and roll

Man made God and God made you
Through those motherly encyclopedias of truth
Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Jew
Your Gods were bred to hypnotise you.

Postpone your potential to the next life
‘Cos it’s Gods will that they fuck you
And there’s eternal suffering for sinners
Who question the convenience of blind faith.

Happily you cede free will
For a fantasy that is easier for you.

All religions
A trillion dollar industry
Thats sells the cheapest lie ever to humanity
And a hypocrites, blood letting morality

Fearful, hateful, braindead willing killers
Blinded by some bullshit bigoted fairy tale
Yet see their shallow, selective faith in action.
Every time they pray from their hospital bed.

I’m not an atheist, I’m an anti-theist
But I’m a better person than any of you
Your moral highgrounds nothing more than an insurance agenda
‘Cos even if you’re ever good it’s only to save your own ass burning

Humbly your on your knees
Waste your only life begging to nobody

Exported Measles and Smallpox
To fumigate the garden for the Children of choice.
To keep Eden giving they controlled the spread of weeds
To protect they’re own seeds.
Imported & domesticated beasts for the farm
And spread a little Syphillis to keep the ratio as it should be
Then an anonymous virus claims a million,
And they expect us to believe them when they blame it on a Green Monkey

In a 1969 senate appropriations hearing,
10 million dollars was requested to develop a disease.
A new Micro-organism unknown to nature
That would lay waste to the human immunological system
The money was approved, the taxpayers never knew
And it was to be ready for deployment within 10 years
Then 1981 began the modern Anomaly of Instant Disease Scares, origins always unknown.

Through the eyes of this planets kings, we’re nothing but cattle
To be bred & slaughtered as they need.

They created deadly sex, they don’t want us breeding
And pesticidal people weeding keeps the global population in a water lock under their rule.
Then they created deadly living so the living keep giving up
Their freedoms for the chance to be saved by the doctors of the plague.
So long as we believe in foreign lands of darkness
The homely hand of darkness is forever around our neck
But the most powerful weapon only costs a question
And the ugliest of truths is the only thing to ever set us free.

Out of sight and out of mind makes the pill seem sweeter
Until your number is the next one called.

Bleached teeth, cheap plastic sleek
Can’t stop your eyes from screaming defeat.
Fat-free, TV, diluted to a product of industry
Safe, clean, pet routine
Tasteless, faceless Pleistocene Queen
In your plexi-glazed shopping cage
In a gridlocked maze of redecorated rage.

Tranquilized by culture
Cauterized with sugar
Dressed up tight in Polythene
Standardized buying machine.

Blind, deaf, dumb but able
To keep a glass Palace stable
With your credit card fate, recycled bite-sized hates
Rely on the ideals that the adverts create.
Young, white, obedient and healthy
Passive, guilty and materially wealthy
Devoted fears of being small
Make you scared to reach further just incase you fall.

Sterilized autonomy
Civilised like Barbie
Victimize for comfort
Sense of love when you’re buying and lying to yourself.

Your shelf life has dated
Saccharified your last breath
Fossilize in your packaging
Plasticized Dark Age

Silence, is it a yes or a no ?
Or does it just keep celebrities afloat ?
Like the swiss, say they’re neutral
But they’re quick enough to take the gold.

You got money, got a platform and influence
But you use it to spread hedonistic ignorance
‘Cos your hands are filthy from those bloodstained paycheques.
You’re just Mannequins for the system
You’d wear genocide if Gap would pay enough
And in return you lower the standards of our culture.

Everyone use your station
Speak for the voiceless
Silence is compliance
With the criminals.

Science, who’s side are you on ?
You’re an accessory to tyranny
And you are solely to blame
For the misuse of your technology.

You give us medicine but you also gave us the disease
Nothing more than a prostitute with expertise
When you could do only good.
Like a torturer that’s only following their orders
Protecting lies while the truth is poisoning
And I hope the ghosts of all your victims will haunt you.

But in Politics, in Science and Art
Who pays the piper calls the tune
But who needs who?
Who needs who?

Everyone use your station
Speak for the voiceless
Silence is compliance
With the criminals
House of cards, when it burns down
You’ll be in there too

Superstar, time will show just what you are
Helpless, frail, shallow Shark
Cowering in a plastic heart
On a scrap-yard.

Superstar, refuse sold by glitz & charm
And a slide-show of seasonable façades
Just fast food in a different mask
Of stained glass.

When you have bought everything they told you to,
The purpose of fashion is to re-sell to you
The same as new.

Don’t let the exterior distract your view
From the swindle in front of you.
Don’t let the exterior become virtue
Turn away & it breaks in two.

Superstar, symbol of our modern farce
Where style comes first & content last
In our ‘one-use’ garnish, glitter farm
We call culture.

Don’t let the exterior distract your view
From the swindle in front of you.
Don’t let the exterior become virtue
Turn away & it breaks in two.

If we merit mediocrity
That’s all that we will ever be
Those that ride on the shallow tide
Get washed up quickest every time.

When you have bought everything they told you to,
The purpose of fashion is to re-sell to you
The same as new.

Don’t let the exterior distract the view
From the swindle in front of you.
Don’t let the exterior become virtue
Turn away & it breaks in two.

Or are we just as broken too

It’s hell on earth behind the Cellophane glare
Our supermarket democracy is painted on torture and slavery.
A million severed hands clutching Ballot cards
Where the starving live amongst ashes and sewerage
And there’s a factory there, upon the shackled corpses
And a million more guns whenever the white man comes.

This is what they call liberty,
This is what they call prosperity,
This is what they call security,
This is what they call democracy,
Imperialism in a Messiah mask.

You better pray ‘cos God has spoken
With Cluster bombs and Napalm B
And his death squads are everywhere
Hacking and burning and shooting and raping and beating.
With no infrastructure left,
He’s got a deal you must accept
Sitting in s**t for 36 hours
With no air, no water, no food, no pay, no rest.
Making useless shit
‘cos the debt slaves keep on buying it
While they’re helpless as they watch their children die
An agonising death of preventable illness that they cant afford to cure.
Welcome to civilisation
Where a dollars more valued than a life.
Where the oil pi**es through the shanty towns
Washing away the carcasses of massacred families whose homes were in the way.

All those pretty packaged things
Don’t they look so innocent
They bring horror and desolation
To any nation that cannot defend itself
And everybody here is free
Of any responsibility
The companies that blame the politicians,
That blame the market that blames consumers that blame the…
Whilst the stakes are rising
And the gap is widening
This economic apartheid will ravage anything in sight
How can we sleep at night
Structural adjustment
Is only needed for the rich
Those soulless, bloody handed motherfu**ing scum
Who will stop at nothing to acquire more money and power.

This is what they call an economy,
This is what they call integrity,
This is what we call humanity,
While this is what they say is the only way
Imperialism in a Messiah mask.

When we were born we were free
From colours, from countries, from money, from sexes and fear
Like a master training a starving dog
Culture will be your mother, your teacher, your leader and your God.

God made man in his servants image
Colour coded they’re rank and role
Half for supply and half for demand
The boys play with soldiers and the girls with Barbie housewife toys.

We’re muzzled with our birthday masks
Blindfolded and schooled to submit.
We’re made in china as pawns for our makers.

We were born as pets for god
We can be molded into any role that they want
When they control your food and your schools, jobs, health, debt,
Information, entertainment, communication and government.

Governments are filters between producer and service caste
In the one global brave-new, fast-goods drive-thru
If you think or you break before your expiry date
You’ll be discarded to the streets where they recycle broken buyers into serfage.

They’ve got banks to keep us in our templates
From third world debt to our mortgages
Maneuvered fears in a still life culture
Keep us tame and indoctrinated.

One ideal and one ethic
With house trained drives and reflexes
We’re made in china as toys for our children
We’re made out of china, disposable goods

We are defined by our insecurities
From the grassroots to the spire
We need to personify our fears
Like school yard bullies and they’re cronies.

If we didn’t hate our egos would deflate
‘Cos if there’s no one small, then there’s no one who’s taller.
Packs of frenzied, bruised dogs
Laugh at the burning insects
In this reality TV colosseum
Called society.

Prejudice is therapy for you.

Our fears are exploited
By politicians and the market
We accept their bigotry
‘Cos we need our scapegoats like we need our Gods.

Somethings not a threat if it has no power
But is easier to beat the already enchained
When our shield becomes unstable
We tempt the arrows to someone who’s more vulnerable.

Political correctness wont change a thing
As long as everyone keeps sinking
‘Cos once they’ve found a reflex, they can tune in
And do what the f**k they like while the rats scramble over eachother.
But if only we would persecute the powerful
We’d have error correction machinery
We’d have no demagogues to temp us
In our colony

12) ANTS
Economies are not forces of nature
They’re man made and when they f**k up it’s ‘cos they’re meant to
Politics is just a game for the rich
But there’s no card that they can play that cant be burned.

It’s five to one and they know
And their guns cannot change it.

Everything our masters tell us us a lie to keep us needing them
‘cos the biggest fear of the powers that be is the billions of ordinary humanity.
‘cos without our labour and purse it all comes crashing.

Any kind of world is possible but our decent nature has allowed us
To be locked into a system owned by nothing more
Than a glorified network of gangs that see you & me
As just voters & workers, soldiers & consumers
But together like Ants, we’ll conquer the biggest of enemies
Its just a choice & we can make it tomorrow if we please
Turn off the media, educate yourself & know the truth
Know your enemy & know that the solution is you.

There are thousands of alternatives
To the destructive way we’re all forced to live today.

It’s five to one and they know it
And their Gods cannot change it.

Freedom of speech and no descrimination based on
Colour, sexuality, gender, race or physicality.
No hand of force to make you submit
A system that protects life not some spurious market
Where you can do what you please as long as you dont obstruct another
And disputes are solved with words not blood and terror
You dont have to be a dreamer or an idealist
Just know your power, know your enemy & tomorrow could be this.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds and schools that teach to think
A plentitude of food and clean water to drink
Less time working and more time to live
With the true social control of any representatives
Where everyone is safe with endless opportunities
In a thriving culture with no pollution, no fear or disease
You dont have to be a commie or an idealist
Just know your power, know your enemy & tomorrow, tomorrow could be this.

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